Because today’s the National Spelling Bee, Google did something none of us really asked for.  Regardless, we appreciate it.  They compiled a list detailing each state’s most misspelled word.   Scientific?  No.  Amusing?  Yes.  Very.

Also,  Connecticut managed to make itself look smarter than the rest of the nation.

Washington Post reports that out of all 50 states, CT and West Virginia were the only two states to ask the real question.  How do you spell “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?”

Yes, Connecticut’s most misspelled word comes from Disney.  Actually, that’s adorable.  Also, it proves that Connecticut’s vocabulary happens to be more advanced than the rest of America.

I mean, Wisconsin couldn’t even spell its own name.  Seriously, Google confirms their state name is their most misspelled word.  How?

To make things even more awkward, Louisiana struggles to spell “giraffe.”  That in itself poses more questions than I can answer.

However, the biggest head-scratcher goes to Hawaii, who Googles how to spell “people” the most.  Yes, people.  How in the world can an a entire state struggle with such a phonetically-charged word?

At least Arizona has an excuse to agonize over “tomorrow.”  You just don’t know where and how many consonants to use in that one.

But people?  Yeah, that one’s really confusing.

Other personal favorites of mine go to Maryland who can’t spell “special” and to Mississippi, who tries and fails to spell the word “nanny.”  However, they don’t have the same struggle as Wisconsin so I’ll give them a free pass.

Then again, Connecticut ain’t a peach to spell, either.

Anyways, the two most misspelled words of all ended in a tie, with pneumonia and beautiful leading this year’s roundup.   One I totally understand while the other just makes me  go “huh?”

I mean, James Blunt and Christina Aguilera made sure kids of the early 00’s could spell that word with their eyes closed.  I mean, they constantly repeat that word in their respective choruses.

However, it looks like their little phonics lesson didn’t last.

Anyways, if you’re interested in seeing just how well the rest of the nation stacked up, here’s the official list below.   Also, be sure to tell me your favorite misspelling.


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