AT&T is adding Hartford to their list of towns that their new “Digital Life” feature is available in. People in Charlotte, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma are already part of this weird experiment.

Basically you enroll in the program and can control your entire house with your phone, tablet or computer. If you enroll in the program you can schedule what time your lights go on, change the temperature, lock the doors, turn off appliances, watch security cameras of your house to see if your kids are smoking weed in the basement or what your pets are doing and open doors for people. The service seems like a huge waste of money. Granted a cool waste of money, but nevertheless pointless. The amount of times you need to open the door for some delivery guy is basically zero. And the amount of time you’ll spend watching your pets when you really should be working will definitely amount to a problem.

The “Camera Package” is $349.98 for equipment and “starts at” $49.98 a month. We all know “starts at” means add on a million more dollars to that price tag. If you’re interested in living the Digital Life check it out here.

via WFSB

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