Someone’s not a very popular person.  Turns out that because of a rogue dog, one Manchester neighborhood can’t get their mail anymore.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can deter your faithful postman.  But, angry dog teeth certainly can.

NBC Connecticut reports that postal workers are outright refusing to deliver mail on Campfield Road in Manchester.  It’s all because a dog won’t stop attacking them.  One.  Singular.  But it’s aggressive enough to make the street hostile territory.

Instead, the USPS is having residents pick up their mail at the post office.

However, some residents work during office hours, so the USPS has a solution.  Residents who want their mail delivered have to spend their money and time constructing a curb-side mailbox.  Basically, so the mailman remains safe in the vehicle and avoid exposure to another potential attack.

Of course, that’s sitting very well with residents.

Because, all this extra labor just to get their bills in the mail could be prevented if someone just watched their dog.   Unfortunately, the owner is blaming the USPS for the issue.  They claim a postal worker kicked the dog when it was a puppy, so now it attacks anyone in uniform.

Oh, that’s gonna go over real well if it ever encounters a police officer.  Just saying.

Either way, can’t this dog owner be a good neighbor and try to keep their deranged pet on their property?  Wouldn’t they not want to be the sole reason why their entire street is being inconvenienced?  Like, maybe invest in a leash or invisible fence?


Instead, they say the dog is an escape artist.  Swell.

Even better, the entire neighborhood says the dog is a nuisance.  One resident said they had to use a hose to keep the dog away.  Another said it chased her once.

As for other residents, they claim the dog never bothered them.  In fact, one says it’s friendly. Neighbor Allisyn Pentleton told NBC, “I’ve seen the dog a million times. The dog jumps on me, is really friendly, wants to lick my face.”

Yeah, lady, that’s a dog that doesn’t have any manners and would do well for going to obedience training.  Not everyone wants a dog lunging at them, even if it is for kisses.

Because, I think most neighbors know what that dog is capable of thanks to testimony from the mailman.  I don’t think you want to be next.

Anyways, I think any dog owner can clearly see what the problem is.  If the dog keeps escaping, it means no one is watching it.  Add the prospect of the dog willingly chasing and biting people, it means the dog isn’t trained.    Therefore, the owner shouldn’t be a dog owner because they clearly don’t know how to act like one.

So, because of one owner’s lack of action on a known problem, an entire neighborhood has to suffer.

Sure, that makes sense.

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