When I was in high school, a couple of the local teens planned a scavenger hunt in my hometown of Stamford.  Everyone paid $20 a car, you met in the back of Rippowam High School, got a list of things to find- and the first car to make it at the final destination with all the items won a ton of cash.  It wasn’t sanctioned by the city.  Actually, police eventually had to break it up because so many cars were racing through the streets.

…but more importantly it was the one of the most fun nights of my life.  Running into Taco Bell asking if we could have a handful of their taco meat… Scouring the Merritt Parkway for roadkill… I don’t remember much about being 17 years-old, but I remember that night with a big smile.  It was awesome and ridiculous.

That’s why I was excited when I heard that a group was putting together an Urban Scavenger Hunt for both Stamford and New Haven.  Unlike the scavenger hunt that I went to as a teenager, this is organized by professionals and very safe.  This time, there’s no cars speeding out of dark high school parking lots- It’s all done via public transportation, by bike, and by foot.  You solve puzzles and win prizes.  Oh, and you’re encouraged to wear costumes with your team.  It just sounds like an awesome times.  This Saturday is Stamford’s hunt, and next Saturday is the New Haven game.

For all the info and how you can pre-register visit their somewhat vague website here.

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