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Parents, Stop Leaving Your Kids Alone
0 comments, 23/09/2014, by in CIVICS

Here's a tip for terrible parents everywhere: don't leave your kid places. I don't have kids, but it seems like a pretty basic skill as a human being to remember you do in fact have one. After a summer where seemingly a bajillion babies were killed in overheating cars, horrible parents everywhere m... Read more...

Some Guy Created a Human-Sized Hamster Wheel
0 comments, 20/09/2014, by in WEIRD

If you've ever dreamed of experiencing what it feels like to truly be a hamster, and who hasn't, today is your lucky day. Instead of embracing the normal, albeit unhealthy, desk lifestyle, you can now work in a giant hamster wheel. That's right. Not a treadmill desk - which is weird to begin with - ... Read more...

6 of the Weirdest Manias You Can Have
0 comments, 19/09/2014, by in WEIRD

If you thought your crazy, irrational fear of bugs was a problem (like me), try again. Cowering in a corner crying as a spider casually walks by is nothing compared to these absolutely weird manias.   1. Cartacoethes: uncontrollable compulsion to see maps everywhere    2. Gamom... Read more...

People are Confused by Texting and Driving Laws
0 comments, 18/09/2014, by in TECH

Texting and driving laws are pretty straight-forward. You text, you get a ticket. Not that hard, right? Wrong. This should really come as no surprise but if a cop catches you just holding your beloved iPhone and driving, you're getting a ticket. No matter if you're texting, searching for the ... Read more...

4 Most Historic Bars in CT
15 comments, 17/09/2014, by in EATS, LISTS

We all know Connecticut is one of the oldest states in the U.S. But do you know where you can both get a beer and a little dose of history? Try these:   The Griswold Inn Town: Essex Open Date: 1776 Famous Fact: George Washington, Mark Twain, Katherine Hepburn and Albert Einstein were... Read more...

Will Gas Get Below $3/Gallon This Year?
0 comments, 16/09/2014, by in LOCAL

According to GasBuddy.com - yes! The site, which tells you everything you could ever want to know about gas prices, says gas this fall could be the cheapest we've seen in four years. The current national average is already down to $3.38 per gallon and could get all the way down to $3.15-$3.25 per ga... Read more...