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WATCH: Honey Bee the Blind Cat Goes Hiking
0 comments, 08/05/2015, by in CUTE

Remember last year's craze of videos of disabled animals being entirely adorable? Well it's back. Honey Bee is a completely blind cat found in Fiji. She was nursed back to health by Animals Fiji and adopted by an amazing couple who now takes her on hikes around Seattle, Washington. (And of course s... Read more...

5 Things You Never Knew About Tequila
0 comments, 05/05/2015, by in EATS

This Tuesday, unlike your normal Tuesday, most of America will be consuming vast amounts of tequila. Want to pretend you're smarter and more refined than your friends? Badger them with these random, pretty useless facts about tequila.   John Travolta used to get plastered on tequila and la... Read more...

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Connecticut: The Place of Weird Firsts
4 comments, 30/04/2015, by in LISTS

Even though Connecticut is still technically the fifth state of the U.S., we have celebrated a lot of firsts since 1788.   1705: Copper was discovered in Simsbury and created the first copper coinage in America in 1737 1728: First steel mill operating in America 1771: U.S.'s oldes... Read more...