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The Weirdest World Records Held in CT
0 comments, 13/10/2014, by in WEIRD

Connecticut surprisingly has a couple World Records already and they're all pretty recent. Most Bottles of Champagne Opening in One Minute with a Saber image via thebeveragejournal.com   Mitch Ancona of Ancona's Wines & Liquors in Wilton beat the record back in September 2013 w... Read more...

Just Look at This Crazy Guy’s Mugshot
0 comments, 10/10/2014, by in WEIRD

Victor Thompson, an alleged die-hard Patriots fan, was arrested in Florida for felony possession of synthetic marijuana and has since produced the best mugshot of the year. As part of the arrest process, police need to take note of any scars, marks and tattoos. And boy does he have some tattoos ... Read more...

9 Creepy Jobs You’d Never Want
0 comments, 09/10/2014, by in HALLOWEEN, LISTS, WEIRD

As Halloween approaches, it's time to "honor" the workers who often go unnoticed, mainly because they work in the creepiest, darkest locations.   Mortician/Funeral Director Even though Six Feet Under may have made you think otherwise, a mortician is one of the creepiest jobs around. You ... Read more...

The Top 25 Horror Movies of All Time
1 comment, 08/10/2014, by in HALLOWEEN, MOVIES

Turns out watching scary movies is actually good for you. Maybe not your heart, but your brain at least. A behavioral neuroscientist at UCLA says scary movies, even the horribly unrealistic ones, teach us to have real responses to actual threats, especially when we're younger. What your body goes... Read more...