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What’s Connecticut’s Most Dangerous Road?
1 comment, 17/11/2014, by in LOCAL

Between 2010 and 2012, 111 pedestrians have been killed on Connecticut roads. So what is the most deadly road for pedestrians? Route 1 along the shoreline ranks #1 with 11 deaths. Route 44 is in second with 4 deaths. In the three years the state tracked recently, 30 deaths were in New Haven Count... Read more...

9 Reasons We Love Pepe’s Pizza
5 comments, 07/11/2014, by in EATS

Mmmmmm.... Pizza. To celebrate the fact that Pepe's iscelebrating their 90th anniversary this year by feeding the masses, let's remember why exactly we love it so much.   Foxon Park lifeabsorbed.com   This thin, thin crust slice.seriouseats.com   The Spot right next door blo... Read more...

People are Confused by Texting and Driving Laws
0 comments, 03/11/2014, by in TECH

Texting and driving laws are pretty straight-forward. You text, you get a ticket. Not that hard, right? Wrong. This should really come as no surprise but if a cop catches you just holding your beloved iPhone and driving, you're getting a ticket. No matter if you're texting, searching for the ... Read more...