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How Bad is Connecticut’s State Motto?
1 comment, 31/03/2015, by in ENTERTAINMENT

Another day, another million ranking lists on the internet. But a list judging how much state's mottos suck? I'm into it. Supercompressor.com ranked CT as a measly #27. If you thought the state motto was "First in Flight" you, like me, are 100% wrong. The official Connecticut state motto is "Qui... Read more...

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The 14 Best Comfort Foods Ever
0 comments, 02/03/2015, by in EATS

Anyone who's survived a winter in the Northeast can agree it's pretty terrible. But at least the shitty winter weather means you're finally allowed to stay on your couch, watch TV and eat the world just like you always wanted to.   1) Mac and Cheese (c) iStockPhoto/Thinkstock Get fa... Read more...