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What’s the Most Stressful Job of 2014?
4 comments, 03/01/2015, by in LISTS

CareerCast.com looked at over 200 jobs and decided these are the most stressful jobs you can have in 2014. Ironically the most stressful is also the worst paid job on the list.   10) Taxi Driver Jobs Rated Stress Score: 46.18 Average Median Salary: $22,820 Projected Job... Read more...

Best Cures for a Hangover
1 comment, 30/12/2014, by in ENTERTAINMENT

Like every other living, breathing adult, chances are you'll be battling an epic hangover to welcome in 2015. Sadly, we all have to go to work Friday which means you only have one day to recover. Everyone has their special recipes of bizarre hangover cures, but these staples will never fail. Good lu... Read more...

What Really Happened in 2014?
0 comments, 29/12/2014, by in VIDEO

It's about that time of year! We've already heard the Pop 2014 mashup of the best songs of the year and not to be outdone, Zeitgeist has released their 2014 Year in Review video. So what happened this year? Well, just watch. To the end.   Read more...