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Woman Caught Making Porn in Church
0 comments, 14/08/2014, by in WEIRD

Babsi, the 24-year-old would-be porn star, was caught filming a couple sexy vids in a church by two opposite ends of the porn-watching spectrum. One guy recognized the church. The other, her boobs. Apparently, she's filmed at least two videos in the church. One of which features her "opening her... Read more...

15 Random Facts You Never Knew You Needed
0 comments, 13/08/2014, by in LISTS

The perfect way to end your work week. With useless, yet interesting information. 1) Blue-eyed people tend to have a higher alcohol tolerance than those with darker eyes.   2) One out of every ten men are psychopaths.   3) According to US law, beer commercials aren't allowed to show s... Read more...

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