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Parents, Stop Leaving Your Kids Alone
0 comments, 23/09/2014, by in CIVICS

Here's a tip for terrible parents everywhere: don't leave your kid places. I don't have kids, but it seems like a pretty basic skill as a human being to remember you do in fact have one. After a summer where seemingly a bajillion babies were killed in overheating cars, horrible parents everywhere m... Read more...

Some Guy Created a Human-Sized Hamster Wheel
0 comments, 20/09/2014, by in WEIRD

If you've ever dreamed of experiencing what it feels like to truly be a hamster, and who hasn't, today is your lucky day. Instead of embracing the normal, albeit unhealthy, desk lifestyle, you can now work in a giant hamster wheel. That's right. Not a treadmill desk - which is weird to begin with - ... Read more...

6 of the Weirdest Manias You Can Have
0 comments, 19/09/2014, by in WEIRD

If you thought your crazy, irrational fear of bugs was a problem (like me), try again. Cowering in a corner crying as a spider casually walks by is nothing compared to these absolutely weird manias.   1. Cartacoethes: uncontrollable compulsion to see maps everywhere    2. Gamom... Read more...