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15 Random Facts You Never Knew You Needed
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The perfect way to end your work week. With useless, yet interesting information. 1) Blue-eyed people tend to have a higher alcohol tolerance than those with darker eyes.   2) One out of every ten men are psychopaths.   3) According to US law, beer commercials aren't allowed to show s... Read more...

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16 Words Scrabble Shouldn’t Add
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Scrabble is adding 16 new words to its first update of The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary in nine years. And with either a terrible or brilliant decision, they're letting the Scrabble fans out there decide. You can vote over at the Hasbro Facebook page. Did they forget that the human race ... Read more...

Does Money Buy You Happiness?
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According to Money Choice not really. They've put together a fun, interactive map based on the most recent U.S. census bureau statistics. Some states' rankings are surprising and some not so much. Hawaii for example has the second highest amount of millionaires nationwide and ranks #1 in nationa... Read more...

It’s Raining (Weather)Men
1 comment, 05/03/2014, by in HOT

Weathermen in Connecticut have been giving their Dopplers a long, hard workout this winter. And some of them have looked damn good doing it. If this shitty weather means more camera time for these sexy weathermen, bring it on! Here's the definite ranking of the hottest weathermen Connecticut has ... Read more...

9 Reasons We All Hate Winter
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1) The terrible feeling of first getting into your frozen car   (c) iStockPhoto/Thinkstock   2) Chapped lips (c) iStockPhoto/Thinkstock   3) Dry skin (c) iStockPhoto/Thinkstock   4) Snow plows with terrible timing (c) iStockPhoto/Thinkstock &... Read more...