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Some Guy Created a Human-Sized Hamster Wheel
0 comments, 20/09/2014, by in WEIRD

If you've ever dreamed of experiencing what it feels like to truly be a hamster, and who hasn't, today is your lucky day. Instead of embracing the normal, albeit unhealthy, desk lifestyle, you can now work in a giant hamster wheel. That's right. Not a treadmill desk - which is weird to begin with - ... Read more...

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6 of the Weirdest Manias You Can Have
0 comments, 19/09/2014, by in WEIRD

If you thought your crazy, irrational fear of bugs was a problem (like me), try again. Cowering in a corner crying as a spider casually walks by is nothing compared to these absolutely weird manias.   1. Cartacoethes: uncontrollable compulsion to see maps everywhere    2. Gamom... Read more...

WATCH: Honey Bee the Blind Cat Goes Hiking
0 comments, 13/09/2014, by in CUTE

Remember last year's craze of videos of disabled animals being entirely adorable? Well it's back. Honey Bee is a completely blind cat found in Fiji. She was nursed back to health by Animals Fiji and adopted by an amazing couple who now takes her on hikes around Seattle, Washington. (And of course s... Read more...

Whoops! 5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked
0 comments, 10/09/2014, by in TECH

Attention everyone who uses Gmail, namely everyone, roughly five million Gmail usernames and passwords have been leaked. All of them were posted last night on Russian Bitcoin forum btcsec.com by user tvskit who claimed over 60 percent of the passwords "were valid and working". Trying to backpedal... Read more...

There Are Officially Over 260 Babies Named Kale
0 comments, 08/09/2014, by in WEIRD

2013 will go down in the history books as the year the entire universe became obsessed with kale and the ability to ruin your child's life the second they're born. Whether or not kale is actually as good for you as everyone seems to claim is still up for debate -- most people have stopped caring any... Read more...