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The Post-Wisdom Teeth Ice Bucket Challenge
0 comments, 21/08/2014, by in VIDEO

YouTuber m3gtr0n uploaded her attempt at the Ice Bucket Challenge. I say attempt because things didn't work out as planned since she was hopped up on goofballs after just having had her wisdom teeth removed. Fake, real, I don't care. I laughed. m3gtr0n is also a pretty solid singer too. ... Read more...

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Maul Your Friends This Weekend!
0 comments, 20/08/2014, by in ENTERTAINMENT

You have seen the videos on YouTube! Now experience the excitement for yourself! Bubble Soccer is in Stamford! I have not played and I am not being paid under the table to shill for this event. I just think this looks like an awesome time. By taking soccer and adding inflatable spheres of cha... Read more...

Smells Like Jail Time To Me
0 comments, 19/08/2014, by in CIVICS

A Bridgeport man is facing fifth-degree larceny after trying to steal $750 worth of fragrances from Macy's in Milford. How much perfume did this guy try o make off with? A 2.6oz bottle of Angel goes for $190 so he might have grabbed a few of those. I prefer to think he was snatching up a bunch of... Read more...

You Are A Terrible Child
0 comments, 13/08/2014, by in VIDEO

Did you send your Mom a card on Mother's Day? Buy her dinner for her birthday? Maybe get her some dumb trinket for Christmas? Well, you suck at being her kid. At least when compared to this guy. He bought his mom her dream car.     Now, say what you will about her dream car be... Read more...

Bro, Do You Even Lift?
0 comments, 11/08/2014, by in SPORTS

I am not a strong man. I barely have the strength to carry my slovenly ass around let alone move heavy objects. Benedikt Magnusson is not like me. He competes in Europe's Strongest Man. He is strong, even if his nickname Benni is a little soft. Watch Benni set a world record. Stay for the riveti... Read more...

Rep. DeLauro’s SWEET Act
0 comments, 05/08/2014, by in CIVICS

If you are the type who likes to have your decisions made for you this story should make your day! As if we don't have enough laws in place dictating what behaviors we can or can't indulge in our very own Rep. Rosa DeLauro has proposed the Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax or SWEET Act. Rep. DeLauro w... Read more...