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Farmington Students Want Better Food
2 comments, 30/10/2014, by in CIVICS

Farmington High School students are organizing a boycott of the school's lunch room as they claim the food provided is sub-par. Food at FHS is provided by Chartwells who says they deliver "fresh, delicious food". The students disagree. Here are some of the claims made by students as to what they hav... Read more...

Spotlight on CT: Skating In West Hartford
0 comments, 29/10/2014, by in SPORTS

Welcome to my new feature "Spotlight on CT", where I will search YouTube for CT based videos with little to no views and post them in an effort to share the love. I might pick a video because it is particularly cringe-inducing. Or a vid might make the cut because it is awesome. It will really depend... Read more...

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Halloween Costumes Go Hi-Tech
0 comments, 27/10/2014, by in HALLOWEEN

A few years ago you might have seen Mark Rober create a cool Halloween costume with 2 iPads. He used the tablets to create the illusion of having a hole blown in his chest. Here is the video. Mark has stepped up his game for 2014. Check out how to utilize your smartphone to make a sweet cost... Read more...

No Need To Worry About Drones Yet
0 comments, 24/10/2014, by in VIDEO

Schadenfreude - n. Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. If you find joy in other's misery then you will eat this video up. If you are wondering what happened let me sum it up. Drones are dumb. This quad-copter seems to have traveled out of range and after a set period of time... Read more...

In Defense Of Candy Corn
1 comment, 23/10/2014, by in HALLOWEEN

With Halloween right around the corner it is time for various websites to publish their articles describing in detail why Candy Corn sucks. I say thee nay! Candy Corn is not the candy we deserved but the candy we needed. Reliable, faithful and always present. Here are just a few reasons why Candy C... Read more...

GoPro: The True Story
0 comments, 17/10/2014, by in SPORTS

Everyone loves watching videos of XTREME folks doing XTREME things with GoPro cameras strapped to their bodies. They are exciting and make us feel like perhaps we should try something dangerous. The following video illustrates what probably happens more often than we know. Failure. And pain. ... Read more...