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GoPro: The True Story
0 comments, 17/10/2014, by in SPORTS

Everyone loves watching videos of XTREME folks doing XTREME things with GoPro cameras strapped to their bodies. They are exciting and make us feel like perhaps we should try something dangerous. The following video illustrates what probably happens more often than we know. Failure. And pain. ... Read more...

Gas Prices Plummet. Gas Fight!
0 comments, 16/10/2014, by in CIVICS

Good news guys! Gas prices in CT have fallen for 29 straight days. The average price is floating right around $3.50 per gallon. Imagine how much cheaper that would be if we didn't pay so much in tax... Even with the lower prices we still tie for 5th for the highest prices in the country. Meanwhi... Read more...

Is This The Worst CT Related List Ever?
1 comment, 14/10/2014, by in CIVICS

Movoto is a real estate website that also like to release cool lists and infographics. Most of the time they are spot-on but their recent list about dating a CT native has me scratching my head. Take a look. Here is a sampling of their "10 Things You Need To Know About Dating Someone From Connectic... Read more...

Folks Lined Up For Chick-Fil-A Because Free Food
0 comments, 09/10/2014, by in CIVICS

A fast food icon of the South is coming to Brookfield and some residents lined up early to get a taste. Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A opened its first CT location in Brookfield today and there seems to be a lot of people (with nothing better to do) excited about it. The chain offered the first 100 pe... Read more...

CT’s Most Dangerous City
0 comments, 07/10/2014, by in CIVICS

If Big Jim's post yesterday made you feel all warm and fuzzy about crime being down in CT I am here to poop all over that new-found security. Home Security Shield just released its list of the Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities in CT. Now, take this list with a grain of salt since HSS is in business t... Read more...

Your Fiction Could Win You $10k!
0 comments, 06/10/2014, by in ENTERTAINMENT

Full Fathom Five is James Frey's CT-based transmedia production company best known for YA book series "The Lorien Legacies". frey is also known for his book "A Million Little Pieces" and the controversy surrounding it. FFF is running a contest for fiction writers with a $10,000 grand prize. From ... Read more...