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Later Liquor Laws Now in Effect in CT!
0 comments, 01/07/2015, by in CIVICS, LOCAL, NEWS

Just in time for the Fourth of July, your freedom bell will ring!... If your freedom bell consists of buying liquor later than 9pm.  As of today, Connecticut has approved for package stores to stay open one whole hour later than usual.  Monday through Saturday you can now buy your Smirnoff Ice unt... Read more...

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Shelton School Bans Flowers at School Dance
2 comments, 04/06/2015, by in LOCAL, NEWS

Shelton loves to impose random rules on their students and they've done it again. You may remember that last month when Shelton school officials made everyone freak out because they said they would strictly enforce a ban on backless, mid-sections, cut-out, dresses at their prom.  They warned the... Read more...