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CT Ghost Town Has Been Sold!
1 comment, 31/10/2014, by in ENTERTAINMENT

The Johnsonville, Connecticut ghost town is officially off the market!  If you missed it, a 62-acre "ghost town" was auctioned off this week.  You can read all about the town here.  Experts were saying that the land, which includes several buildings, could sell for as much as $3 million dollars- ... Read more...

The Most Awkward Internet Scam in CT
0 comments, 30/10/2014, by in LOCAL, NEWS

A woman in Darien called police to report an internet scam that she fell for.  She put an ad on Craigslist for a $300 couch and had a woman send her a check for $900.  They told her to keep the money for the couch, then wire the difference to a mover.  Instead of waiting for the check to clear, s... Read more...

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Another CT School Bans Halloween
9 comments, 23/10/2014, by in HALLOWEEN, LIFESTYLE, LOCAL

Two Newington elementary schools have decided to join other town schools and ban the celebration of Halloween. The reasoning? Students have cited that it's against their religious beliefs. Usually it is some people of the Orthodox Jewish faith, Jehovah Witnesses, and some Fundamental Christians t... Read more...