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CT’s Coolest Tree House
0 comments, 01/03/2015, by in ENTERTAINMENT, LOCAL, TV, VIDEO

Because I am an insomniac, I find myself watching very strange shows in the middle of the night.  Turns out that Animal Planet has an entire show dedicated to people that build extraordinary tree-houses.  Who knew that was a thing?! Imagine my surprise when last night's episode was about a quirky ... Read more...

CT Proposes Baby Manual- My Thoughts
0 comments, 22/02/2015, by in NEWS

In the best thing I've heard about all week- Connecticut lawmakers are seriously considering a handbook for new parents once they leave the hospital. Well, it's about damn time. I actually had a discussion with my Labor and Delivery nurse on the day of discharge.  I was greatly concerned that... Read more...

Yale Discovers Why People Get the Munchies!
0 comments, 19/02/2015, by in EATS, NEWS

What is it about smoking weed that makes you so hungry? That insatiable lust for all things food- Turns out it's a real medical thing! According to the research, the neuron in your brain that lets you know when you are full are reversed when you smoke.  That means that you feel hungry when under... Read more...