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Cliff Jumping in Connecticut
4 comments, 29/07/2015, by in ENTERTAINMENT

We stumbled across a video of a group of people that travel around and just jump off cliffs.  I definitely wouldn't try this at home- but I did enjoy watching these guys risking their lives for YouTube likes.  Can we try to figure out what Connecticut landmarks they're jumping off of? Read more...

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#NationalJunkFoodDay in CT
0 comments, 21/07/2015, by in EATS, ENTERTAINMENT

Today is National Junk Food Day and as a state filled with delicious junk food, we must embrace it.  Here's our list of favorite Connecticut junk food treats! 1.  Soda is considered a "junk food" even though it's a "junk drink" and there's no better than Connecticut's own Foxon Park! 2. ... Read more...

Naked Guy On 95 Makes Morning Traffic Worse
0 comments, 14/07/2015, by in NEWS, WEIRD

If you were able to avoid the terrible traffic this morning on 95 southbound in West Haven, consider yourself very lucky.  Usually the morning traffic in that area is because of a crash or the usual congestion of people trying to get to work. Not today. Today a man was stopped in the middle o... Read more...

Hunger in Bridgeport, CNN Investigates
0 comments, 07/07/2015, by in LIFESTYLE, LOCAL, NEWS

On the Fourth of July, right after I had shoved about three hot dogs down my throat, I sat on the couch to watch some TV.  As I flipped through the channels I stumbled on a CNN special about hunger and kids in America.  It immediately caught my attention because the city they were focusing on was ... Read more...

Later Liquor Laws Now in Effect in CT!
0 comments, 01/07/2015, by in CIVICS, LOCAL, NEWS

Just in time for the Fourth of July, your freedom bell will ring!... If your freedom bell consists of buying liquor later than 9pm.  As of today, Connecticut has approved for package stores to stay open one whole hour later than usual.  Monday through Saturday you can now buy your Smirnoff Ice unt... Read more...