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Connecticut Has Nudist Camps
0 comments, 02/06/2015, by in LIFESTYLE, LOCAL, VIDEO

Trying to find something different to do this summer?  Imagine my surprise when I learned that nudist camps are a trending thing across the country.  Although I can't imagine shedding all my clothes for a weekend of roaming the woods and community pools with strangers, it turns out that 15% of Ame... Read more...

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Grave Robbing CT Woman Sentenced
1 comment, 26/05/2015, by in LOCAL, NEWS, VIDEO

      You may remember a news story about a woman that was arrested after she was caught stealing from a gravesite in Middletown.  What had happened was that Jim Reeves was heartbroken after the death of his 19-year-old son, but he was furious when someone had vandalized his... Read more...

Firework Laws in Connecticut
3 comments, 24/05/2015, by in LOCAL

As I'm typing this I can hear the faint sound of small explosions going off in the distance... It may be Memorial Day Weekend, the "unofficial start of summer"- but it's also the "unofficial start of illegal fireworks" in Connecticut. The law states as per ct.gov: "All fireworks are illegal in... Read more...