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You Can’t Fine Panhandlers, Milford
0 comments, 07/08/2014, by in CIVICS, LOCAL, NEWS

Does anyone actually think it's legal to beg for money on the side of the road?  I've wondered this in the past.  You know you've been there.  You pull off the exit, you approach the red light at the end of the off ramp- and there he/she is.  A person dressed as though they were about to make a ... Read more...

Day Trippin’ in CT: The Thimble Islands
0 comments, 06/08/2014, by in LIFESTYLE, LOCAL

I'm ashamed to admit that as a lifelong Connecticut resident I had never heard of the Thimble Islands.  Truth be told, the first time it peaked my interest is when I learned that there was a cool new brewery called The Thimble Islands Brewery.  Oh, I wondered, why would a Connecticut brewery be na... Read more...

CT Doesn’t Drink… Beer?!
0 comments, 31/07/2014, by in LIFESTYLE, LOCAL

According to The Beer Institute (yes, that's a real thing), Connecticut residents aren't drinking nearly as much beer as the rest of the nation.  Actually, according to their figures, we're in the lowest three states for beer consumption. That seems nutty since the "craft beer" craze has taken o... Read more...

Hipster CT Lawmaker Wants Tax on Soda
0 comments, 30/07/2014, by in LIFESTYLE, LOCAL, NEWS

The obesity epidemic is constantly being debated.  There's always many theories as to why we're so fat, but for one Connecticut hipster, there is a solution- Tax soda.  I'm talking about our own Connecticut Hipster Democratic Representative Rosa DeLauro. Personally, I think our nation's obsessi... Read more...