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Another CT School Bans Halloween
9 comments, 23/10/2014, by in HALLOWEEN, LIFESTYLE, LOCAL

Two Newington elementary schools have decided to join other town schools and ban the celebration of Halloween. The reasoning? Students have cited that it's against their religious beliefs. Usually it is some people of the Orthodox Jewish faith, Jehovah Witnesses, and some Fundamental Christians t... Read more...

Scary Rat Virus Only a Metro-North Ride Away
0 comments, 20/10/2014, by in NEWS

Worried about Ebola?  Well, here's something that should occupy your thoughts a whole lot more- Killer rats in NYC. Okay, maybe they're not killer- yet.  There has been many rats found in the NYC subways that are carrying different strains of gross diseases that have not been linked with our ar... Read more...

Long Island Idiots Wash Ashore in CT
0 comments, 17/10/2014, by in LOCAL, NEWS

If you haven't heard about this story yet, I'll break it down into a cliff notes version: 1. On Wednesday, two guys (Brandon McCurie and Angel Hernandez) in their early 30's were in Green Port, Long Island and found an abandoned/washed up raft on the beach. 2.  They took the raft with only o... Read more...