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Wild Turkeys Take Over Wallingford
0 comments, 17/11/2014, by in ENTERTAINMENT

Every morning these two turkeys show up at the same place and run around the same intersection in Wallingford. Coincidence?  I think not.  These two birds know that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and are trying to communicate to us that we shouldn't eat them... or any of their family memb... Read more...

What Your Pizza Says About You
0 comments, 16/11/2014, by in EATS, LIFESTYLE

The British people behind "Pizza Express", a chain of pizza places in England, commissioned a study to see what your pizza preference says about your personality.  Gone are the days of astrology and Myers-Briggs- Now, we judge people by their pizza.  Regardless, this is what the study found: &n... Read more...

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CT Mother Gives Birth in a Bathroom!
0 comments, 07/11/2014, by in LIFESTYLE, LOCAL, NEWS

My favorite episode of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" was when a mother gave birth in a restaurant bathroom because she didn't know she was pregnant.  I hear these stories all the time, but I have no idea how anyone could not realize that there's a HUMAN growing inside of them.  Then, of course, I... Read more...

Now You Can Own a… CT Boy Scout Camp?!
0 comments, 06/11/2014, by in LIFESTYLE, NEWS

Yes, that's right! About a month ago, we reported that CT's first ghost town was available for sale and now you can buy an entire Boy Scout camp!  A 336-acre piece of land in southeastern Connecticut will become available early next year.  The land also includes a 27 acre lake.  "Camp Tadma" loca... Read more...