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Would You Buy Porn From This Dude?
0 comments, 23/11/2014, by in NEWS, WEIRD

Even high school students knew that it probably wasn't the wisest choice to buy random porn from this guy... 19-year-old Alex Tsiongas snuck into Middletown High School and wandered around attempting to sell porn DVDs to the students.  The kids were smart enough to realize that he was a nut and le... Read more...

Wild Turkeys Take Over Wallingford
0 comments, 17/11/2014, by in ENTERTAINMENT

Every morning these two turkeys show up at the same place and run around the same intersection in Wallingford. Coincidence?  I think not.  These two birds know that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and are trying to communicate to us that we shouldn't eat them... or any of their family memb... Read more...