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Connecticut Hates… Connecticut.
2 comments, 29/04/2014, by in LOCAL, NEWS

What happened to hometown pride?! A recent Gallup poll asked which state residents thought that the state they lived in was the best.  Seems like a simple question- I would think that if you choose to live in a state, you probably love it- right?  Assuming that we still live in a free country and ... Read more...

Even CT Prostitutes Have Standards
0 comments, 25/04/2014, by in CIVICS, LOCAL, NEWS

A Bridgeport man was found screaming like a crazy person when a prostitute stole his cell phone.  Apparently "she" got into the car after they negotiated a deal to engage in sexual acts, but then decided "she'd" rather steal his cell phone rather than have sex with him.  As he wildly screamed for ... Read more...