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CT Wants to Tax Your Candy
0 comments, 04/02/2015, by in EATS, LOCAL, NEWS

State Representative Juan Candelaria, a Democrat from New Haven, is jumping on the "let's tax stuff so our kids stop being fat" bandwagon.   Yes, that's a real bandwagon. The irony is that this man has been called "The Candy Man" in the past because his last name is Candelaria (get it?) but n... Read more...

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Watch This Groundhog Bite a Mayor
0 comments, 03/02/2015, by in ENTERTAINMENT, VIDEO

Apparently no one told this random groundhog that he's not supposed to be an actual animal on Groundhog Day.  Because we live in a nation that yearly allows a wild animal to predict whether or not it will be cold for an additional six weeks, it may come to a surprise to folks that a wild animal bit... Read more...

The Biggest Storms in Connecticut of All Time
1 comment, 27/01/2015, by in LISTS, LOCAL

Depending on where in the state you live, you are either rolling your eyes at the "hype" over the blizzard... or you're still shoveling yourself out.  A state divided today.  Eastern parts of the state saw a few inches to a foot while those in western parts of the state were slammed with two feet.... Read more...