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The Best Things You Can Buy at Costco
0 comments, 08/04/2015, by in LIFESTYLE, LISTS, LOCAL

Here's what I know about Connecticut, we LOVE big box wholesale clubs.  Between BJ's and Costco, most of us have enough toilet paper to last until the Apocalypse.  That being said, it gets a little shady when it comes down to what items you can buy generic and which you should stay away from.  Ac... Read more...

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Connecticut: Not High in Divorce Rates
0 comments, 01/04/2015, by in LIFESTYLE, LOCAL, NEWS

Despite the fact that the people at AshleyMadison.com (a famous cheating website) named Westport one of the most unfaithful towns in America, Connecticut does NOT rank very highly in divorces nationwide.  Although people still say that 50% of marriages end in divorce, that seems to no longer be tru... Read more...