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CT Doesn’t Drink… Beer?!
0 comments, 31/07/2014, by in LIFESTYLE, LOCAL

According to The Beer Institute (yes, that's a real thing), Connecticut residents aren't drinking nearly as much beer as the rest of the nation.  Actually, according to their figures, we're in the lowest three states for beer consumption. That seems nutty since the "craft beer" craze has taken o... Read more...

Hipster CT Lawmaker Wants Tax on Soda
0 comments, 30/07/2014, by in LIFESTYLE, LOCAL, NEWS

The obesity epidemic is constantly being debated.  There's always many theories as to why we're so fat, but for one Connecticut hipster, there is a solution- Tax soda.  I'm talking about our own Connecticut Hipster Democratic Representative Rosa DeLauro. Personally, I think our nation's obsessi... Read more...

Is This Guy a Murderer or a Hero?
0 comments, 24/07/2014, by in CIVICS, NEWS, VIDEO

This is the most confused I've been in a long time.  This 80-year-old man from California returned home to find two intruders in his house.  One male and one female.  This was the second time they had robbed him.  They knew he had returned, roughed him up a little, and continued to steal money f... Read more...