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LEAF Vodka- Why It Matters to Connecticut
0 comments, 15/05/2014, by in EATS, LIFESTYLE

When I heard that there was a new brand of vodka being launched in Connecticut, I rolled my eyes.  Another vodka? Then I learned that it was only being offered in Connecticut and New Jersey… that peaked my interest.  Then I learned that there were TWO different kinds of these particular vodkas- ... Read more...

CT 911 Prank Call Released
0 comments, 07/05/2014, by in LOCAL, NEWS

You have to be a complete loser to prank 911.  There's absolutely no reason that it's ever funny/acceptable/entertaining to report a fake incident.  As if those poor responders working for 911 don't have enough crap to deal with, they need to deal with pranksters?  Well, this asshole deserves a s... Read more...