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Be Careful Cooking Those Turkeys This Week
0 comments, 25/11/2014, by in EATS, HOLIDAZE

While you are up getting ready to cook that giant bird on Thursday we remind you to be very careful. Hopefully your homeowner's or renter's insurance is all paid up. Because if you manage to blow up your house this holiday season, your insurance company will have to to write you a big fat check.... Read more...

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WFSB’s Nicole Nalepa Is Winning Twitter Lately
0 comments, 12/11/2014, by in LOCAL

We are spoiled here in Connecticut as far as local TV news personalities go. We have more entertaining, funny, interesting people on local TV here than anywhere else in the country. From Scot Haney accidentally eating cat vomit off his shoe that time, to Rachel Frank leaving Connecticut only to ... Read more...

Connecticut’s Most Badass Veterans
1 comment, 11/11/2014, by in CIVICS, LOCAL

Veteran's Day is a time to thank all those who served our country over the years. It is also a time to celebrate how bad-ass veterans really are. Here are some of Connecticut's most bad-ass veterans.   Ethan Allen - Litchfield, CT   Born January 21, 1738 Litchfield, C... Read more...