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Are People Finally Sick Of Apple’s Live Events?
0 comments, 10/03/2015, by in TECH

On Monday Apple finally unveiled it's much anticipated new Apple Watch to the world, refreshed their MacBook Pro line, announced that every major car-maker is on board for Apple CarPlay (Toyota being the lone hold out. They are the Taylor Swift to Apple's Spotify) which will roll out later this yea... Read more...

5 Ways To Take On The Coyotes In Stamford
0 comments, 09/03/2015, by in LOCAL

The entire city of Stamford is currently being held hostage by the fear of wild coyotes. These aren't just your standard run of the mill coyotes either. They are apparently ruthless and not afraid of you, your pets, or anything else that happens to get in their way. Luckily there are a few diffe... Read more...

Every Life Moment Needs A Playlist
0 comments, 06/03/2015, by in MUSIC

Having worked in the media/music/radio industry for almost a decade now I have worked with some of the biggest music nerds on the planet. Most of my friends much like me are completely obsessed with making playlists. There isn't a life moment that comes that you can't make a great playlist for. M... Read more...

My Snow Rant For The Day
0 comments, 05/03/2015, by in LIFESTYLE

Yes. Winter sucks. We are all sick of it. Just so mad about MORE snow today. Will it ever stop? Maybe not. What better to do when you're mad about something than go on a rant. Here is my Snow Rant about the naming of winter storms.   https://twitter.com/KevinBegley/status/573470989... Read more...