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9 Unforgettable Post 9/11 Moments
0 comments, 11/09/2014, by in 9/11

Every single one of us is remembering exactly where we were thirteen years ago today.  I still remember the feeling in the days, weeks, months, and years after that horrific day of how everyone in this country came together. Whether it was just a stranger giving you a random wave or hello, or one ... Read more...

The Mountains Are Blue In Huskies Nation
0 comments, 10/09/2014, by in LOCAL, UCONN

Some new billboards have popped up in UCONN country. If you had to guess, what product do you think warrants a billboard that every student at a major university like UCONN can see? Ding ding ding... beer of course! Coors light has apparently partnered up with the Huskies to market one of the ... Read more...

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4 Joan Rivers Connecticut Moments
0 comments, 05/09/2014, by in CELEBRITY

Joan Rivers died yesterday at the age of 81. Unlike most celebrity deaths, the reaction to Joan Rivers passing away has been more of a celebration of her life than a depressing mourning. Which I love and wish would happen more often when these things happen. Joan was one of the funniest human bei... Read more...