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United States of Lisa, Jennifer & Michael?
0 comments, 25/09/2014, by in LIFESTYLE

Every year you see those "Most Popular Baby Names" lists get shared all over the internet. You also now see an alarming number of maps being shared on the internet. Everything from "Every State's Favorite Beer" to "The Most Popular TV Shows Set In Each State". Proof that we love naming babies an... Read more...

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Alright, Who’s The Prankster In South Norwalk?
1 comment, 23/09/2014, by in WEIRD

As kids, and some of us even as adults, we all love a good prank. The ever popular old school ding dong ditch comes to mind. I also remember when I was growing up some of the kids in my neighborhood used to play the "channel changer game". Basically you go to Radio Shack, buy a universal remote, the... Read more...