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Patriots Fans Are The Craziest Fans
0 comments, 06/01/2015, by in SPORTS

Full disclosure, I grew up 25 minutes south of Boston and spent most of my youth routing for every Boston sports team including the New England Patriots. This means I know more than anyone the madness that comes with being a Patriots fan. Here in Connecticut we have quite a few Pats fans I have n... Read more...

Here’s What 2,000 Calories Actually Looks Like
0 comments, 29/12/2014, by in EATS

Whether we stick to it or not most of us realize that the normal daily calorie intake for most people is right around 2,000. Most people obviously go way over that which is why America is fat. The problem is that it's hard tot visualize what 2,000 calories actually looks like. Luckily the fine pe... Read more...