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Old Man Haircuts = Best Punishment Ever
0 comments, 04/02/2015, by in WEIRD

Not that I have a son (and nor would I want one, or any kids for that matter!) but if I had a miserable little spawn who was out of control, I would immediately tell my local barber to do what's being done at a suburban Atlanta barbershop called A-1 Kutz. See at A-1 Kutz, you can take your misbeh... Read more...

UBER to begin delivering puppies. Wait, WHAT?!
0 comments, 28/01/2015, by in CUTE

If you're still hyperventilating after reading that headline, calm down, because Uber-the car service that's taken the nation by storm for being easy to use and roughly 7000x's less gross than a regular cab-isn't going to be delivering puppies in Connecticut. HOWEVER! That's not to say it coul... Read more...

Did KFC do it again, or did KFC do it again?!
0 comments, 26/01/2015, by in EATS

Wether you're a fast food aficionado, or just a great big fatso who can't stop stuffing their face, you no doubt remember that glorious, greasy spring of 2010 when KFC released the "Double Down"-the infamous sandwich that used chicken patties in place of bread-on the American public. Well, gues... Read more...

The Snack Game Just Got Turned Upside Down
0 comments, 23/01/2015, by in EATS

In an increasingly crazy world that's full of horrible stories like idiot protesters gumming up traffic, and soccer moms trying to figure out "how to talk to their children about Deflategate", it's about goddamn time we got some good news. Coming at some point later next month, Frito-Lay’s Chee... Read more...

A PSA For Patriots Fans
1 comment, 21/01/2015, by in SPORTS

Well gang, we're knuckle-deep into it now, aren't we? This whole hideously named #deflategate (seriously, we can't do better? Wait, never mind. I know we can't, because this country is full of idiots) isn't going away between now and kickoff in Glendale, Arizona for Super Bowl 49 between the New ... Read more...