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Come N’ Meet Connecticut’s Worst Dentist!
1 comment, 20/05/2014, by in LOCAL

Fair warning. If you're phobic about going to the dentist, or take issue with going to the dentist for any reason, this story is pure nightmare fuel. Ready? Dr. Rashmi Patel has (thankfully) had his license to practice revoked here in Connecticut, after a 64-year-old woman named Judith Gan... Read more...

What Would YOU Ask The Metro-North President?
0 comments, 30/04/2014, by in LOCAL

In an effort to have commuters hate them less (and good luck with that) Metro-North brass have been doing the ol' "grip & grin" with disgruntled customers lately as part of their "100-Day Action Plan Communication initiatives to create additional opportunities for two-way dialogue." Their nex... Read more...