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Fear Flying? Well, Enjoy Some Nightmare Fuel!
0 comments, 19/09/2014, by in NEWS

So, if you haven't heard yet, the other day there was this JetBlue flight out of Long Beach, California, that was headed to Austin, Texas that blew an engine mid-flight and (rightfully) freaked everyone out beyond comprehension. Thankfully, the plane landed safely and everyone onboard survived, b... Read more...

Behold! The Best Job Posting EVER!
0 comments, 17/09/2014, by in ENTERTAINMENT, WEIRD

If you've ever wondered wether or not full, state-wide legalization of marijuana has been a success in places like Colorado, there's a job posting on The Denver Post's marijuana news site The Cannabist, that proves the answer is a resounding "yes". What's the gig? "Sex columnist, with weed foc... Read more...