Hey, weather…you know that it is Fall, right? Don’t give me that nonsense about Summer not ending until September 21 – if it’s after Labor Day, it’s over. This rubbish about 90 degree days causing Connecticut schools to close early the first day back after Labor Day is ridiculous. Just drive around and notice all the Spirit and Spooky Town temporary stores that have already begun selling Halloween goods. Or go into the supermarket, there’s pumpkin flavoring EVERYWHERE! Or how about every single town fair across the state happening in the next three weeks??

Even the leaves have begun to change.

You may not have noticed it, especially if you were preoccupied about going to the beach this past weekend, but I noticed a few, autumnal non-green colors pop up in New Haven County this weekend. Mostly yellow…but they were there. That brings the inevitable question – where’s the best place to see them when it finally happens?

Well, we have the government to thank for this list – the most scenic drives in the country. And while they give two for Connecticut (one being the Merritt Parkway), after the traffic this morning, I think we can all agree that the alternative is better. So say hello to Route 169!

If you’ve never ventured into the Northeast corner of our state, you certainly won’t know this road. You have to go to Windham County and check out towns like Lisbon, Canterbury, Brooklyn, Pomfret, and Woodstock. It’s quiet, it’s classic New England, and it’s far more pleasant to drive this Autumn than literally every other state road we’ve got.

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