Rumor has it that ABC’s The Bachelorette was in the Old Saybrook area shooting the reality television show last month. It has not been confirmed because people have been sworn to secrecy–and they’re actually taking their oath of silence seriously. How do people keep secrets so well??

Along with sightings, helicopters flying over alleged filming areas and speculations and leaks posted on spoiler websites, Robert Bell, President of Essex Steam Train, told The Courant:  “I am sworn to secrecy. They tell you you can’t talk about this until it is within a week of the show. We want them to do this again. We want to shout it from the rooftop. When it gets closer, you’ll hear about it.”

Ohhhh…..I think he admitted it!!


So, our great state has a lot going on that the rest of the world should know about. Here are 9 concepts for amazing CT based reality shows:


1. Pizza Swap:  We all know Pepe’s, Sally’s and Modern are CT’s dominating pizza places. We’ll throw in Colony so it’s an equal amount of competitors and I think Colony is up there with the big boys.  So, just like Wife Swap, the owners of each place would swap restaurants for two weeks and film them running  their rival’s business and interacting with the wait staff, cooks, even the loyal customers. Yea, old school New Haven Italians and some Irish hockey players–just imagine how violent that last episode will be when they get together and express how each-other sucks.



2. Love & UCONN Basketball: CT is having a love affair with Huskies basketball right now. So, let’s take advantage of the trend and create a dating show where players live in a house together.  We’ll see who they’ll each pick n’ roll, who they dribble over, who scores the most points, who is just plain McNasty, who ends up being everyone’s swingman, who’s on the rebound and who just wants to Shaq up.

uconn m and w


3. The Penniless Politician: Remember when Chris Murphy took the food stamp challenge for a week? Well, the concept is like that. It’ll be a competition between Governor Malloy, Senator Blumenthal, and Linda McMahon. Every week for a year, the viewers vote for which low paying yet strenuous job they have to work (kind of like in Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe). They also have to learn how to live and pay bills with their new paychecks. I think Linda will be fine, didn’t she used to be normal? They even have to do things on their own…like prune their own shrubs.



4. Confessions of the Help of Fairfield County: Who cares about what events  rich people attend, what extravagant things they purchase, what kind of plastic surgery they get. It’s been done many times before. I don’t want it to be  rubbed in that I’ll never have that life.  But, a reality show that follows the help of the super-wealthy Fairfield County folk would be amazing. Imagine the gossip they’d dish and skeletons in the closet they’d expose!



5. Breaking Valley: The concept is like the show, “Breaking Amish”. Cameras would follow residents from the Valley as they venture out into the world (or even the next county over) and see how they deal with a modern way of living. At the end of the series, they have to make the decision to either return to the Valley, or continue living out of their comfort zone and start a life elsewhere.



6. Takin’ It To The Streets: We find the hardest gangsters that run the streets of Waterbury, Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, and New Britain, put them in a cottage to live together in a quiet neighborhood in a town like Chester or Essex. They have to get jobs at like yacht clubs, little boutique-y places like sea-glass jewelry stores and old-fashioned ice cream parlors.  We’ll watch how they interact with a world they’ve probably never been exposed to before, but the crews will also follow their neighbors and co-workers to see how they handle their new residents. I envision the series concluding with a huge party at the country club, and everyone is mad tight. Someone whips out the karaoke machine, and they all break out singing Michael McDonald’s Takin’ It To The Streets. See, it’s the title of the show. But then, there’s a twist. The shoreline residents will be transplanted into the hardest neighborhoods their new friends hail from. Let’s see if they too came away with some life lessons.

save the


7. Undercover Day Laborer: A Competition: We’d make a group rich men from different wealthy cities compete for day jobs. They’d each be given an illegal worker as their coach. Every day, they’d have to wait under the bridge by Exit 8 in Stamford aka Day Laborer Central and compete to get day jobs. At week’s end, the council will get together and decide who gets kicked off. Judging criteria is based on how many jobs they got picked up on, how much money they brought it, how efficiently they lived for that week based on how little they earned, and behavior and moral as told by their coaches. At the end of the series, a winner is chosen, he gets some sort of cool prize and  his illegal worker coach wins a green card.



8. 860 vs. 203: Every week, people from each area code will duke it out in physical and mental competitions to find out which is the better code. Season two will begin at the end of August where people using the 959 code will also be thrown into the gauntlet.



9. Special Pay Per View Fight: Judge Judy VS Martha Stewart: Connecticut’s most notorious bad girls will rumble in the ring. Anything goes. Except inviting a third party to run over the competition.

Judge-Judy-Small martha

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