If you’re craving a boozy ride on the train, you’re in luck!  A classic staple of early train-life is making a comeback.

Though, we may now know what inspired talks of hiking rail fares.  So, obviously, the news is being met with mixed emotions.

Governor Dan Malloy is expected to announce the state’s recent purchase of 60 new rail cars, 10 of which are bar cars.   Considering the state Department of Transportation slashed the transportation budget, that move is slightly confusing.

CT Post reports that the reintroduction of bar cars may have something to do with increasing revenue, considering concession carts in Grand Central Terminal earn over $6 million annually.

Once necessities on trains, bar cars had waned in popularity over the years and failed to pull in the same cash as they once had in their heyday.  In 2014, Connecticut did away with bar cars, opting to accommodate a rising commuter class and increasing seats per ride.

Either way, it’s a strange move for sure and no one really knows the reasoning that went behind it.  But, if the state thinks bar cars and fare hikes will cure their crippled transportation budget, I guess we have no choice but to wait and see if this, too, ultimately fails.

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