We all remember that day we tried to fool the local package store into selling us booze, despite the fact that we were underage.

We were dumb. We were under 21. We had some terrible, fake ID that we’d spent days convincing ourselves was totally going to work. We told our friends it was a “go.” And we tried to hide our nerves as the cashier rang up our sad 30-pack of whatever light beer was cheapest.

Shocker, it didn’t work.

The cashier asked for ID. Maybe you handed them the fake one, maybe you just ran. Maybe the cashier actually considered it for a second, maybe they laughed in your face. Maybe they threatened to call the cops, maybe they just said they were keeping the ID and you needed to leave the store. Whatever happened, you didn’t leave with the beer you wanted and all your friends were disappointed.

Well, maybe you guys should have just tried going to a bar. Because apparently, bartenders are hilariously bad at determining whether someone is of age without asking for ID. Just look at this pitiful showing:

Now, just because they’re terrible at it, doesn’t mean underage drinkers will get away with buying a round of shots at the nearest watering hole. They can still ask for your ID. They can still refuse to serve you if you “pretend” you lost your license. A lot can still go wrong and you can definitely still end up looking lame. But if this video is any evidence, at least you kind of have a shot at success.

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