It’s so heartwarming to see America rallying to help Texas after Hurricane Harvey.  However, some people want to take advantage of our good intentions.  It’s pretty disgusting wanting to profit off a tragedy.  But, it always seems to happen.  We’ve actually come to expect it now.

Thankfully, spotting these phony charities just got a little bit easier.

Darienite offered some helpful tips to help make sure your money goes towards actual relief efforts.  Of course, you could always donate to charities you’ve known and trusted since the beginning: like The American Red Cross and Americares.

However, some of you might want to donate straight to the source.  So, research becomes your best friend in situations like this.  Be careful of charities and organizations that seemingly spring up overnight.  Always make sure to find out who created the charity to make sure they check out.

A great example of a legit charity is the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which has direct ties to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

You can also check for local food banks and humane societies that have a known track record.

If a charity looks legit, but you still have concerns, you can always validate it.  You can check the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance to see if its name shows up on their website.  You can also check with Charity NavigatorCharity Watch, or GuideStar.

So, if you see an awesome looking charity floating around your Facebook feed, take the 2 seconds to see if it’s real.  Also, GoFundMe made it so much easier to locate legit crowdfunding pages by making a Hurricane Harvey directory.

It also helps to identify where you want your money to go.   Sometimes, your donation can wind up in a general fund instead of disaster relief efforts.

So, if you want to donate to a specific cause, such as animal rescue or helping hospitals: find a direct line to those organizations.

The NY Times also did an excellent roundup with direct links and descriptions of each charity.

Texas needs our help right now.  But we need to be smart about what we do with our money because we don’t want it falling into the wrong hands.

If you don’t have the resources to donate, consider giving blood to a local blood drive.  Hospitals are in critical need of all types of blood, especially O-.  The Red Cross already has several drives planned around Connecticut, so click HERE to find one near you.

CT Boom will host a blood drive on September 15th from 1 to 6pm at 440 Wheelers Farms Road in Milford.  If you wish to join us for the event, use the sponsor code “Radio” to register.

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