Escape the cold this Valentine’s Day and Stay Inside with your lover or by your lonesome.

Be my Bartender, Be my Chef: Take a trip to the grocery and liquor store.  Grab some juices and your favorite liquor and create your own drinks for each other. Not enough, make a dinner unlike the others; try meals from different cultures like Indian Chicken Tikka, Mexican Tacos, Asian General Tso or even Soul food like Chopped BBQ. Try Easy drinks to make at home like Sour Amaretto, Apple Pie on the Rocks, or Hot Flash.

All dressed up with nowhere to go: Dress in your fanciest attire over a candlelight dinner

Movie Night: Rent a Redbox, log into Netflix, or catch up on Hulu and order takeout.

Karaoke night: Make your favorite playlists of songs to sing along to and dance the night away with your partner.

Are you spending this Valentine’s solo? Consider

FOE: Family Over Everything. Spend time with family, that’s priceless.

Netflix and chill: There’s nothing wrong with watching a movie alone, sometimes it’s better that way.

Friends Forever: Spend Time with another single friend to avoid the heat of the holiday.

Workout Plan: get your body right for spring break and the summer where there is plenty fish in the sea?

Table for 1 Please: Most people are intimidated to eat out alone but do it if you dare! Only if you are secure with yourself.


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