Hopes are high for two tiger cubs recently born at the Beardsley Zoo.  Their mother, 10-year-old Changbai gave birth to the baby girls on November 25th.  However, they’re not out of the woods quite yet.

People reports that the ultra rare tiger cubs are part of a dwindling population of Amur Tigers, otherwise known as Siberian Tigers.  As of recently, about 500 remain in the wild.  So zoos depend on births like these to keep the species alive for future generations to enjoy.

The two baby girls were part of a litter of four, but two of their siblings weren’t strong enough to survive.  In addition, their mom showed no interest in the cubs.

So, the staff quickly retrieved the cubs and began round-the-clock care to keep them strong and healthy.  They remain in a room with the temperature set to 90 degrees.  On top of that, they enjoy regular bottle feedings and constant fussing from their surrogate family.

The zoo staff says the little tiger cubs are fragile, possibly due to their mother’s age.   It’s also theorized that their smallness is partially due to the large size of the litter.

Either way, all eyes remain focused on the survival of these two tiger cubs.  Should they make it, they’ll both play a critical role in keeping their species alive.

Today, Siberian tigers only inhabit 7 percent of their original habitat, due to poaching and land development.  While these babies will never see the wild, they will make sure future generations won’t forget the beauty of the tiger.

If you hope to see these babies soon, don’t hold your breath.  But, the zoo regularly posts updates on the cubs’ health and development.  So… it’s kinda the same.

Hopefully, we’ll learn their names soon as well as see them playing in their own special pen in the future.

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