Love is in the air… at the Beardsley Zoo.  Since introducing two tiger cubs and three maned wolf puppies to the world last month, they’re ready for more baby animals!  So many baby animals…

CT Post reports that Bridgeport’s Beardsley Zoo set up Jabba the Sloth and Rochan the Red Panda with their very own Valentine’s Day dates.

The zoo brought in Hope, an adorable bachelorette sloth with interesting ties to CT.  Loving the Star Wars theme in this match?  I certainly do!

So, Hope lived in the state before flying off to Michigan to become a part of the John Ball Zoo.  But, now she’s back and ready for another shot at love.  Jabba, a two-toed sloth, is a brown-eyed bachelor with the sweetest face.  How can Hope resist his charms?

The two already seem to like each other’s company.  Since her arrival, the Beardsley Zoo made Hope Jabba’s neighbor.  The two sit side by side in separate cages at the Animal Health Care Center because Hope’s still in quarantine.

It’s standard procedure.  The zoo wants to make sure the animals stay healthy and lose the germs that they possibly came with during their flight over.  The fact that they moved Jabba next to her is a good sign and means she’s one step away from moving outside!

Meri, a four-year-old red panda, also hopes for her chance at love.  Her full name is Meriadoc (yes, from Lord of the Rings) and she’s from the Brandywine Zoo in Delaware.

The zoo matched her with their red panda, the devilishly handsome Rochan.

Like Hope, Meri also waits in quarantine to make sure she’s in the best health before meeting her potential love interest.

Both ladies are participants in the Species Survival Plan, which aims to help repopulate endangered species.

Soo director Gregg Dancho says the SSP  is necessary to make sure future populations enjoy the creatures currently inhabiting this earth:

“The Zoo’s breeding program exists to bolster the dwindling number of animals still in the wild.  It’s a real testament to our zoo’s strong reputation for working to protect endangered species and to educate our guests about them. It’s an important part of our mission and we’re justifiably proud of that.”

The Beardsley Zoo used the program to bring about their tiger cubs and maned wolf puppies.  Both baby animals should go on display later this year for spectators to ooh and aah over.

Plus, you’ll also see a new sloth and red panda in the future months as well.  And, eventually, even more baby animals to enjoy.

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