By now, we are all familiar with the pains of driving in Connecticut. There are potholes everywhere. The traffic is insufferable. And whether it’s driving slow in the left lane on the Merritt Parkway or not reacting fast enough to help you catch that green arrow, the drivers in our state simply aren’t the best.

But, as it turns out, we aren’t the worst either. We’re not the worst in the country and, surprisingly enough, we’re not even the worst in New England.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t close. In fact, according to a study from EverDrive, Connecticut is the second worst state for safe driving. After looking at things like speeding, phone use, acceleration and braking, and hard turning, it was determined that the only state where driving is less safe is our neighbor to the East, Rhode Island.

After taking a closer look, it seems that the problem for both of our states lies in our need for speed. When it came to speeding, Connecticut and Rhode Island matched their overall safety rankings, coming in at 49th and 50th, respectively. But unlike Rhode Island, Connecticut actually managed to come in the Top 5 Safest States in one category: Phone use.

Is it because we actually want to be safe drivers who don’t surf the web behind the wheel? Maybe. Is it because Connecticut police are always cracking down on drivers using their phones? Also maybe.

Whatever the reason, we’re going to give ourselves a little pat on the back here for being good at one thing and not the worst at everything.

Oh, and the next time anyone says Connecticut drivers are the worst, follow this simple procedure: First, loudly clear your throat. Then say, “Excuse me, we are actually second worst.” Then kindly point their outrage East toward Rhode Island, where a state’s worth of people somehow found a way to be better terrible drivers than we are. Amazing.

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