On Nov. 4, television personalities Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen will be coming to the Toyota Oakdale Theatre as a part of their AC² show.

During the show, the two will interview each other, take questions from the audience and discuss pop culture and world events.

Cooper is most well know for being a CNN anchor, being a correspondent for CBS’ “60 Minutes,” and his good looks. So, before the two venture to Connecticut, let’s take a look back on some of Cooper’s best moments.


After President Trump tweeted the “word” “covfefe” which sent Twitter into a tailspin, Cooper discussed it in his segment “The Ridiculist” and read some of the best tweets using the word, and of course, laughed the whole way.


Although Cooper has been to many different parts of the world for his investigative work, he is shy when it comes to trying new types of food. Here, foodie Anthony Bourdain gets Cooper to try extremely spicy wings at a restaurant.


In other eating adventure with Bourdain, Cooper was forced to try tripe, a French dish made from cow stomach. I think the result speaks for itself.


In this clip, Cooper did not read the script ahead of time in his segment “The Ridiculist” so his coworkers decided to surprise him with a script that bashed his expensive basil-scented candle, which Cooper keeps in his office.

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