Best Cures for a Hangover

Best Cures for a Hangover
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Since the petition to declare this Monday a national holiday has yet to pass, it looks like you and everyone else in America is going to be horribly hungover at work after drinking way too much this Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you were partying too hard celebrating the huge defeat of the Broncos or drinking away your sorrows for Peyton Manning, here’s some tips for today.

Drink More

You may not like it going down right now, but the hair of the dog might be your only savior today. One sip too many and you’re right back to being a little drunk this morning so watch out. But then again if you have a snow day, why not keep drinking?

Drink Even More

Basically any fluid will help – coffee, water, Gatorade, Sprite, anything. Drink, drink, drink.

Eat Greasy Food

Repeat these three words: Bacon. Egg. Cheese. Bacon. Egg. Cheese.


The heavens must be taking pity on any Manning/Broncos fans and luckily it’s snowing a lot right now. You may be blessed with a delayed opening or even a full day off today. Rejoice by cozying up with a Netflix marathon you won’t actually end up watching.

Any Type of Pain Meds

Whatever your go-to is — take it now. Forget the nonsense of how it will only do more damage to your liver. Let’s be honest, the damage today is nothing compared to the damage of yesterday.

Fountain Soda

For some reason fountain soda seems to have magical powers when you’re hungover. There’s literally nothing better in the world.


This one isn’t actually recommended by me personally because when I’m hungover there’s nothing worse than actually moving. Walking from my couch to the kitchen feels like a marathon. But if you’re up for it, sweat it out. Just remember to drink tons and tons of water. And also don’t mind the looks of disgust at the gym. You stink in the worst way possible. There’s literally booze seeping out of your pores.

Make Today a National Holiday

Won’t help for all the other days you show up to work too hungover to function but think of next year. This petition really exists. Sign it here.


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  1. Steve Swanat
    February 3rd, 2014 11:24

    Why not change Super Bowl to Saturday


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