The Best Ice Cream In The Country Is… at UCONN?

The Best Ice Cream In The Country Is… at UCONN?
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There is a lot of food that Connecticut takes pride in. The Pizza battles in New Haven, Hot Dog stands ahoy, the invention of the hamburger at Louis Lunch, and now you can add ice cream to that list.

Last week USA Today featured UConn’s Dairy Bar in their 51 best ice cream parlors in the country. Now, if you went to UConn, or go to UConn currently, this is no news to you. The dairy bar has been a tasty tradition on campus since the 1950s. Over the years they have won numerous “Best of” awards in New England for their ice cream. It’s about time they were finally recognized on a national level.


The Dairy Bar has 24 different flavors to choose from. Apparently they have used the same recipe for their ice cream since the 1900s. Even though ice cream is clearly not the best thing for you, they do use milk from cows that are not fed hormones, so there’s that.

I just think it’s such a great recognition for the kids who work at the parlor to be in the national spotlight. I’m sure that there is more work that goes into the dairy bar than just scooping ice cream and filling cones. Since they actually make all the ice cream at the creamery right there on campus, it has to be a tough task and A LOT of work.

So congrats UConn Dairy Bar! I will be making a visit to Storrs soon to try your tasty award winning treats.




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