It was a big day in Connecticut on Wednesday with President Obama hanging out in Hard Hittin’ New Britain to promote raising the minimum wage. To the average person, the 35 minute appearance wasn’t out of the ordinary, but Obama had some funny (?) lines. I also love to people-watch, and a few fantastic moments were caught as I was combing through the audience.

Here are my favorites:

1. Disinterested girl in the front

She’s almost directly next to the podium. There are cameras everywhere. But she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’s just hanging out chewing her gum, maybe has no idea why she’s up there?  Does she not notice everyone around her standing…WHY AREN’T YOU STANDING?!




2. OH! I totally get why you’re not standing! 

Person in charge of strategically placing students by the podium: YOU HAD ONE JOB

tall girl standing


3. Animated Bow-Tie Wearing Student

Who cares that the President is here, I’m too busy staring at this kid. His reactions are amazing, he speaks volumes with a brief flicker of  his eyebrow and he is whispering commentary to the girl next to him the whole time. And that bow-tie,  he is like the Johnny Weir of the CCSU Presidential Visit.



4. Chick rockin’ the scarf

I love this girl’s ensemble, yellow scarf, fun glasses, and luscious red lipstick. I thought she nailed it.

girl with scarf


5. Obama tries a little comedy

While introducing all of the governors in attendance, he makes a funny about what we should call the crew



6. Obama just showing us that he can be hip

Southside! Finally, we get a reaction out of tall disinterested girl!



 7. The most perfect setup for a “That’s What She Said Joke” ever

“So I’m going with beef, “I’m going with meat.” – Obama  when ordering lunch at Cafe Beauregard in New Britain.

obama lunch


Watch the entire speech here courtesy of WFSB
WFSB 3 Connecticut

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