Today is the kind of day to hunker down on the couch with comfy sweats, fleece blankets, lots of pillows, a million scented candles flickering everywhere, a marathon of some sort on TV and a big ol’ endless bowl of your favorite soup. How cozy do you feel right now?

When it comes to soup, I am not talking about the kind in cans or boxes. I want to know about those little mom & pop places that always has a different assortment of unique pots on, or that bar that has perfected french onion soup, or that restaurant you’ve finally found that uses an impressive amount of lobster in their bisque. I hate when you can’t find a good chunk of lobster in lobster bisque! I don’t want to just eat peppered cream.

I have added my personal favorites, and a few of the highest rated on Yelp. Vote for your favorite in the poll down below, and if it’s not there, tell us so we can all try it out!


1. Bobette’s Takeout   93 Boston Post Rd,  Milford    MY FAV PLACE & they have an album about soup!

“The mussel chowder here is unusual and absolutely delicious.”

I love their Italian Wedding Soup! I am lucky that they’re right in between my house and office!



2. Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant   85 Ferris St,  Bridgeport

“Everyone there was so nice and helpful and we even got to taste the soup we wanted before ordering“.


3. The Soup Girl  1242 Whitney Ave,  Hamden

“Thai Coconut Veggie and Chickpea Rosemary are two of my absolute favorites, but I haven’t had one that I haven’t fallen in love with! Actually, I am eating their West African Peanut as I type this review. It’s sweet and savory at the same time with big chunks of connamon-y sweet potato, chickpeas, and slightly crunchy peanuts. Yum, yum, yum”.


4. Baltic Restaurant  237 New Britain Rd, Berlin

“Even the uninspiringly titled vegetable soup was really quite good given the circumstances. A thin white (opaque) broth, fresh dill, hearty veggies. I was a little under the weather, and it made for a good soothing appetizer and belly filler”.


5. The Watch Factory  122 Elm St, Cheshire

“I always get a bowl of his soup, no matter what it is.  Today it was potato and fennel.  Bursting with flavor and as always, A LOT of the star ingredients.  This isn’t some broth-y thing that has the flavor of the ingredients.  It was packed with potato and fennel.  The bowls of soup are also TRUE BOWLS.  I mean, BIG BOWLS.  If you love soup, you’ll love Chef Markus’ soups“.


6. Caseus Fromagerie & Bistro  93 Whitney Ave, New Haven

“Once again, amazing French onion soup”


7. Soup Thyme  450 Monroe Tpke, Monroe

“Oh Soup Thyme how I love you. We nicknamed it “crack soup” because we are addicted!   Chicken pot pie soup is AMAZING”.


8. Pho Saigon  80 Wood Ave, Bridgeport

“My favorite dish is the vegetable pho with shrimp (my own creation). The broth is phenomenal and the noodles are cooked perfectly. The soup has this intense rich flavor that encompasses mom’s chicken soup on a rainy day but Asian style and better”! 


9. Turkish Kebab House  1157 Campbell (soup) Ave, West Haven

“Red Lentil always readily available and has a bit of a kick to it (I recommend you add the lemon adds a nice zest). As well as a soup of the day ranging all over the spectrum”. 


10. Katz’s Restaurant Deli  1658 Litchfield Tpke, Woodbridge

“Their Matzoh Ball soup soothes the soul”.


11. Fiesta Limena 330 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk

I always get  the Aguadito de Mariscos with a great kick of cilantro or their Parihuela which has a hearty helping of Clams, mussels, shrimp, squid and soft shell crab in a rich homemade stock.


12. Captain’s Catch  1366 New Haven Ave, Milford

One of my favorite places to get an amazing lobster bisque


13. Mecha Noodle Bar  1215 Post Road, Fairfield

I do

I just tried this place, and it’s funky and tasty. I love the PHO SHORE, cause I like saying it, and they really fill it up with shrimp, calamari, and fish cake. You can add more noodles and I was pouring in the hoisin sauce and chili oil for extra kick.



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