It’s a thing, freakshakes.  I watched a small ice cream shop in Bethel go from a relatively unknown place to one of the hottest destinations in the state all because of freak shakes.

Cream and Sugar Cafe has gone viral because these images starting posting to Facebook:


Uh, yeah, oh… my…

Freak shakes are basically a milk shake at the base topped with everything delicious.  I had to get my hand on one of these so I took the road trip with my family and it was worth it.  The shop itself isn’t that big, but the turnover is fast. Despite the crowd, we didn’t have to wait for a seat.  The staff was friendly and there were plenty of options for what kind of freak shake I wanted.  Truthfully, they’re a work of art.  A delicious work of art.  Usually when something is extra pretty, it’s not that yummy- but not these.  Despite sharing the single shake with two others, we couldn’t finish.  They are definitely made for sharing.  Each unique too.

This was mine:

image1 (3)

I know, you should be jealous because it was just as good as it looks.

Believe it or not, Connecticut isn’t the birthplace of freakshakes, they started going viral in Australia last year.  When Cream and Sugar Cafe’s owner Alyce started noticing, she took action.  Being one of the first to offer it on this side of the world has paid off since she makes about 200 of these a day now.

If you’re looking for a road trip this summer, head to Bethel.  Not only is the downtown adorable, it has freak shakes- and that alone is worth the ride.

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