Recently the University of Connecticut’s Undergraduate Student Government met and passed “statement of position” (sounds elegant doesn’t it?) asking UCONN to take back the honorary degree they bestowed upon Bill Cosby in 1996. Cosby delivered the commencement speech in ’96 and got his fake degree in fine arts, which some might say is a fake degree anyway.

In case you missed it Cosby is in a bit of trouble. Cosby has been hit with accusation after accusation of sexual assault. There are lawsuits and investigations but as of now Bill has not been convicted of a crime. Bad press isn’t good for the school but shouldn’t he be afforded the whole “innocent until proven guilty” trope?

The school is a private institution and can do what they want. Even with the suggestion of the USG UCONN has yet to pull the degree. Other unis have seen fit to go ahead and strip Cosby of his honors so we will see if UCONN follows suit.

What do you think? Should they strip him now or wait until a conviction? Judging by the comments in the article emotions are high on both sides of the argument.

Via Daily Campus

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