We have all tried to rattle off the words to Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire many times. Whether it’s in the car, the shower, or at some dive karaoke bar, we’ve all done it and failed about halfway through. But we are supposed to be bad at it. We are the fans. We didn’t write the song and perform it thousands and thousands of times. Billy Joel is supposed to nail it every time while we sing along pathetically.

Well that is not at all what happened at his show in Toronto recently.

The thing with this song is that if you mess up any of those lyrics it ruins the whole thing historically. The timeline gets all messed up. It’s not a song that you can just power through a forgotten lyric like Demi Lovato. So when Billy realized his mistake he stopped the whole band from playing and blatantly point this out.


“Wait a minute,” he said. “That ain’t right. All you gotta do is f–k up one word in that song and it’s a train wreck.”


He also referred to the song as “”one of the worst melodies I ever wrote.” Which is both awesome and hilarious. Way to have an amazing sense of humor, Billy. We love ya.


[youtube_sc url=”waOp_cVluNg”]

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