Bleachers are a band that came out earlier this year. It’s the brainchild of Jack Antonoff who also plays guitar in the band Fun. I have seen Bleachers live more than a few times now and been extremely impressed every time. The energy they have on stage along with Jack’s tremendous songs are all ingredients for an amazing live show. To the point that I can’t imagine a scenario where I wouldn’t be into something Bleachers does.

But what they did last night for their performance of their current single Rollercoaster on CONAN is REALLY something great. Creative, unique and just all around awesome to watch.



Love it!!

It’s just one of those things that makes you feel good when you watch it. Extremely creative in the way they dressed all the kids like each band member, but also to think that these kids are looking up to Jack and the rest of the guys imagining that it will be them as the musical guest on a late night TV show one day with their own band. (y’know if there is still TV and “late night” shows by the time they are Jack’s age)

The smile and look Jack and his kid doppelganger share :57 in to the video is a moment of true joy. A “real moment” if you will. So cool.

Bravo Bleachers & Team CoCo! Bravo.


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