This week Blink 182 made their triumphant return to the world by announcing a new album, summer tour dates, and giving fans the first new Blink song in years.

Now at this point I’m pretty sure it’s only myself and the rest of the Blink super fans in their 30s who actually care, but that’s perfectly fine by me.

Some will argue that this is the return of “Fake” Blink because there is no Tom DeLonge. Which on paper is true. But anyone who was a fan of Blink 182 probably likes Tom’s replacement Matt Skiba (from Alkaline Trio) just as much if not even more. Plus, 2/3 of the band are still in place with Mark and Travis.

The new album, called ‘California’, is set to drop on July 1st also known as “Blink 182 Day” since it’s the 182nd day of the year. Blink nerds are high-fiving right now.

The first single is called Bored To Death.

The guys also went on their hometown radio station KROQ in Los Angeles to premiere another song from the album that might go down as the greatest Blink song ever written.

It’s called Built This Pool.

Amazing. Classic Blink.

Blink also announced their big 2016 summer tour. They will be making a stop in Hartford at Xfinity Theatre on Friday September 2nd. Get excited.


Needless to say I am very excited about all of this. Welcome back, Blink!

See you in September.

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