Fast Food Ads vs. Actual Fast Food: The Results Are Shocking

Fast Food Ads vs. Actual Fast Food: The Results Are Shocking
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We are constantly being inundated with Fast Food ads in this country. From TV, billboards, magazines, movie theaters, everywhere. If you have ever even stepped foot in a popular fast food restuarant you know full well that the food never looks ANYTHING like what you just say on the billboard off 95 or during the commerical break of The Big Bang Theory.

Well, a blogger over at decided to do a little project and see just hot different the real food is from the ads.

The results, as you can imagine, are insane.


fastfoods-ads-vs-reality-setup fastfoods-ads-vs-reality-mcdonalds fastfoods-ads-vs-reality-bigmacbox fastfoods-ads-vs-reality-angusdeluxebox fastfoods-ads-vs-reality-jacktacos fastfoods-ads-vs-reality-taco fastfoods-ads-vs-reality-burgerking



Here is another example of how McDonald’s specifially fakes all their food in ads.



What a sham! Makes you just hate all these places. Which I guess is a good thing, since the food they serve is among the worst on the planet for you.


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