As a child of the 1980’s, I remember being dragged to Bloomingdales in Downtown Stamford.  The mega-store was a hot spot for all shoppers and as a child I dreaded going there.  Now, as a shopping obsessed grown up, I can’t believe that there was once a time that I didn’t have to trek into New York to that beautiful store filled with designer names and unbeatable sales.  All that may come to an end soon, there has been an announcement that they plan to bring the store back to Connecticut.  To Norwalk to be exact.

The original Bloomingdales in Stamford closed it’s doors in 1990 after being the only Connecticut location for 36 years.  Declining sales was the reason why they opted to close but they continued to pay taxes ($372,000 per year!) on the massive downtown property for years.  The seven acre site was the anchor of Downtown Stamford and when they left, it devastated many local businesses.  Other companies went out of business and the price to rent dropped significantly in the immediate area.  The bustling downtown suffered greatly.  It wasn’t until 1998 that the University of Connecticut opened their doors in the same location.

For all of us that miss the high-end store being so accessible, a big announcement came this past week.  There is a section of Norwalk that is in it’s “revitalization” stage.  The area currently is under what seems to be never-ending construction.  Dubbed 95/7 (the site by North Water Street and West Avenue) will feature condos, restaurants, and high-end shopping.  If you’ve ever been to this area (I live close by) this seems like a stretch.  It’s currently not the most desirable of areas.  That being said, many people agree that soon- it will be.  Bloomingdales has signed on to open a new location covering 150,000 square feet on three levels.  It plans to open it’s doors in 2018.  Bloomingdales isn’t the first to invest in this space, Nordstrom also announced that they will anchor the area with a 700,000 square foot store.

Get ready Connecticut.  Norwalk is about to become a hot spot for high-end shopping- and that is something this girl thought she’d never say.

Who remembers the original Bloomingdales?

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