Growing up with the name Bob Marley means one of two things. Either you grew up to become a legendary singer-song writer whose music touched millions of lives across the world OR you grew up to become a hilarious comedian from Maine who has the always-fun task of explaining himself to confused reggae fans.

The former is no longer with us, but Connecticut is lucky enough to play host to the latter on Friday night at Foxwoods Resort & Casino! That’s right: Bob Marley, New England’s favorite comedian from Maine, will be playing at Foxwoods on Friday.

You can still get tickets to the show right here, and after you do, take a look at Marley’s interview with CT Boom below:

CT Boom: Feels like it has to be asked: How often do reggae fans show up your show and just get super disappointed you’re not a cover band? What do you tell these people to make them feel better?

Bob Marley: Understandably. LOL. There’s definitely confusion sometimes but it almost never happens.

CT Boom: As a man who was born and raised in New England, rank the New England states for us. If Connecticut is last, there won’t be any hard feelings.

Bob Marley: Maine and New Hampshire are kind of like dumb cousins. I rank them first. Massachusetts ranks second even though they are kind of the drunk uncle of New England. You got to go with them just for the sports teams. I would put Connecticut third. They haven’t seemed to piss anyone off yet. Vermont would be fourth with its laid-back, creepy, backwoods serial killer, cheese, and skiing feel. I would put Rhode Island last and I don’t even know why.

CT Boom: What is the one cliché Maine tourist activity that’s actually pretty cool and worth doing? A lobster-based meal? Visiting Bar Harbor? Something LL Bean related? Something else entirely?

Bob Marley: Don’t forget marijuana and gambling! LOL

Those are all pretty cool but I would just get out on the boat and hang out at somebody’s camp all day. The lake is where it’s at! Lake life!

CT Boom: You’ve done some acting and radio work in addition to your stand up. What medium do you feel is the best for comedy? What’s the worst? Why?

Bob Marley: Stand up comedy is best in a smaller room of 300 seats or less. Low ceiling and the crowd packed in tight. The worst or most difficult is probably radio or morning TV shows. There’s too many restrictions and you just don’t have time to do much

CT Boom: The New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. Are you a Pats fan? What are your plans for watching the game (if any)?

Bob Marley: Love the Patriots! We will be having a party. It’s to the point now in New England that we believe it’s a holiday. The Patriots have been in 33% of the last 20 Super Bowls. We plan on watching the game and hopefully seeing Tom Brady hoist the trophy and then smash it over Roger Goodell’s head.

CT Boom: If you could perform for any three comedians, dead or alive, who would they be?

Bob Marley: Rickles, Carlin, and Chaplin

CT Boom: Would you ever attempt to reclaim the world record for longest continuous standup performance? What was the hardest part of doing it the first time?

Bob Marley: No, I would not do that again. The hardest part about it is organizing everything, having the crowd and then actually standing in the hole for 40 hours and doing the show. It was a great experience but I definitely don’t need to do that again.

CT Boom: You turn 50 in a few months. What do comedians do on their birthdays? What are your plans for the big 5-0, if any?

Bob Marley: We will be drinking beers and waterskiing. My wife and I will have a joint party this summer as she turns 50 as well. To clarify, we won’t be having a “joint” party but we will be together.

CT Boom: Would you rather always have to speak in questions or never be able to ask another question again? 

Bob Marley: Definitely always speak in questions. Is there a way I can give that second option to my kids? 

CT Boom: What do you plan to do after your show on Friday?

Bob Marley: I will be driving back to Maine. We will be skiing all day Saturday. I don’t usually stay and party. I don’t think it looks good for the audience to see you on stage and then see you six hours later slumped over a blackjack table drinking whiskey and crying.

Get your tickets to see Bob Marley right here.

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