12,500 incidents in April alone. Just think about that. That’s how many tickets were issued in Connecticut in the past 30 days for distracted driving.

Not for speeding…not for parking infractions…this was the “U DRIVE, U TEXT, U PAY” crackdown – totaling nearly $2 million dollars going to the state (and that’s only if all the offenses are first times so it’s certainly more than that).

You think this was all about texting while driving? Nope. How about eating while driving? They got people for that too (I wanna know what they could’ve been eating – was it like Chinese takeout or something because who gets a ticket for that?)

Selfies while driving? Check. Pictures of the distracted driving checkpoints? That too.

Lighting a bong while driving? Wow, yes they did! Although I feel like you gotta give somebody a pass on that one just for how complicated that is.

This piece from WFSB sums it up perfectly:

WFSB 3 Connecticut

This month brings back the “Click It or Ticket” crackdown, but don’t relax just yet – August brings back the distracted campaign.

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