I’m sure that everyone is super excited about the new liquor laws going into effect in Connecticut today. Package stores can sell later. We can buy later. It’s basically life-changing and should be honored as a state holiday and a day off of work.

But, as if that wasn’t good enough, there’s more. We’re not sure how big all of you are on bowling, but based on what The Hartford Courant is reporting, later this year it will¬†become your favorite sport.

According to a new law going into effect in October, bowling alleys will be able to sell booze starting at 11 a.m.! 11 in the freaking morning!

Look, we’re not really crazy about the idea of putting our feet in shoes worn by thousands of other people or stinking our fingers in ominous holes that have been touched by more people than we’d like to imagine, but if we’re drunk it pretty much won’t matter.

So bring on the booze! Connecticut already won it’s crown as one of the drunkest states in the Union during summer, and this is only going to help catapult us to the top!

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