Now here’s a word we never wanted to see again: polar vortex.  Guess what we’re getting this weekend!  It’s the exact opposite of sunny and 70, I’ll tell you that much.

Connecticut is in store for a huge arctic blast over the weekend that’ll bring temperatures into the single digits.  WFSB says a polar vortex, along with some snow showers, will sweep through the state tonight and last for the next few days.

WFSB strongly advises we bundle up for a bitterly cold morning tomorrow because wind chills close to zero will rip across the state and drag morning temperatures into the single digits.  CT Boom strongly advises that you not lick any metal poles until Mother Nature straightens herself out.

Tomorrow night will be more brutal, if you can believe it.  Wind chills could get as low as 25 below in parts of the state!  So, don’t be surprised if you see a wind chill advisory pop up later today.

The nasty polar vortex will hang around throughout Friday, dragging temperatures into the low teens for most of the state.  Still, we’ll have something to look forward to this weekend!

WFSB says that after a chilly Friday night, that arctic air will make a “quick retreat” on Saturdays and leave us with temperatures in the high 30s.

So, all in all, bundle up and prepare to fork over an unnecessary amount of cash to your energy provider.

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