The honeymoon is over!  After not having to deal with all that soupy air and relentless sun for the past day or two, we are heading right back into typical New England heat wave weather.

NBC Connecticut says that Connecticut residents will be rolling up the windows and opting for the A/C by Thursday with 90 degree weather slated to roll in by the afternoon.  By Friday, the temperature will jump to the mid-90’s and beyond.

Forecasters aren’t ruling out the chance of a couple of thunderstorms passing through Friday evening.  It is possible they could be just as strong as Monday’s system.  A chance for more storms happens Sunday night into Monday morning.

This weekend will be sunny, but the sticky hazy heat will continue to linger, especially in the afternoons.

Be sure to keep water handy, don’t leave pets or kids in the car, and keep lathering on that sunscreen – you’ll need it!  No word if the state will open up a few cooling locations as they did last week, but we’ll keep you updated.

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