OH BOYYYYYYY! Who’s excited to drive in the Thanksgiving masses this week? If you live in New England, then there is an 87 percent chance that you are road tripping more than 50 miles, or at least that’s what AAA is predicting.

All the car travel has a lot to do with gas prices: the lowest Thanksgiving gallon fill up since 2008, which means the most Thanksgiving travelers since 2005! National average price for gas is around $2.07, CT resting at $2.20.

Nationally, AAA is expecting up to 47 million holiday travelers.

Yea, I am just going to leave my car at home and take the train instead (which means my drinking will go up!).

As for everyone else traveling on the dreaded Thanksgiving EVE!? Hold tight, be patient, and carry snacks with you (if not for yourself, then for your annoying travel buddy who won’t shut up and let you listen to music).

Just gotta get through it…


Because the reward at the end….. TOTALLY WORTH IT


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