Boo!   Just when we recovered from last year’s bloodbath, Governor Malloy is once again talking about layoffs.  Sadly, affected employees will hear whether or not they still have a job by the end of next week.

WTNH reports that because state labor unions aren’t too keen on striking a new concession deal, Governor Malloy says he has no choice but to ready the layoff notices.

Basically, he asked unions to fork over $700 million in concessions.   Yeah, that’s a pretty steep amount of money.  Naturally, unions expressed outrage over the final numbers and haven’t been too forthcoming with striking a deal.

Yeah, that’s a crazy amount of money.  Fun fact, though.  That $700 minimum won’t even begin to cover it.  Actually, our politicians said that is the bare minimum of what they actually need.

And I think the unions know that.

So, because of that, layoffs are on their way.  In abundance.  4,200 to be exact.

Either way, Democratic House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz expressed hope that a deal will come through in the end.

“I’m confident, in the end, as they’ve done before, they’re going to do whatever they can do to help us with this problem and take a financial hit for it.”

He also mentioned that the unions are basically being held hostage, though.  You know, in his own special way:

“We all know what 4,200 layoffs would do here in the state of Connecticut. It would decimate our services and they know that too.”

So why are you guys even suggesting 4,200 layoffs in the first place?  Obviously, they know what it’ll do to the state.  They’re just hoping that, once again, the unions will blink first.

However, it appears the unions have had enough.  They’re fighting back by using TV ads highlighting the hypocrisy in our state government.  They mentioned when Governor Malloy made a big show about how opiods are ruining lives across Connecticut.  But, instead of working towards a solution, he announced the closure of the Blue Hills Hospital treatment room.

They were also loud and clear about what they thought about this latest development:

“Workforce layoffs and service cuts threaten public health and safety, children’s education, and quality of life.”

True, the more people taken out of the workforce, the less income tax receipts the government collects.  Considering the state announced a terrible downfall in revenue, you’d think they’d do what they can to keep as many people employed as possible.


Instead, they’re going after the symbolic low-hanging fruit.  AKA, the most vulnerable people.

Meanwhile, Connecticut’s top heavy infrastructure remains intact for another year.

So, again, our government does the bare minimum to trim the fat and will depend on other people to bail them out.

So, do you think our government will strike a deal with the union?  Or, will they go ahead with these crazy layoffs?  And, if they do, what do you think the people will have to say, or what will they do, about it?

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