As someone who loves winter, I say bring on the snow!  It seems this year it’s way overdue, anyway.  But it looks like Mother Nature finally woke up and is back to work.

Darien Daily Voice reports that the first accumulating snow of the season is on the way.  Although the mercury reads close to 50 today, those winter temps come back tonight.  Along with the chilly air will also come some much needed moisture.

Everyone’s favorite winter phenomenon, the polar vortex, will creep past CT and reach the southern part of the country by Friday.  In addition, it’ll suck up the moist air currently chilling over the Atlantic.

Basically, it could create the perfect conditions for the first round of flurries.   This goes for all of the Tri-state area.

It’s even possible we’ll even see some flurries early Friday morning.   But, it’s way more likely they’ll arrive late Friday night.  As in, by 11pm.  So there’s no need to worry about it impacting your commute home.

Another potential for snow comes on Saturday, around 1pm.  By then, temperatures will hang around the mid-30’s and the possibility for precipitation grows. Long-Range Meteorologist Max Vido has the scoop:

“Unlike previous events earlier this fall, the cold arriving at midweek will be slow to leave.  Through mid-December and potentially right up to the winter solstice (on Dec. 21), residents across the eastern U.S. will have to contend with the cold weather.”

As exciting as this news sounds, it’s still too early to tell just how much snow we’ll see.  So, we have to wait until we creep closer to the weekend to really find out what we’re in store for.  As of now, the possibility for a shift in the cold jet stream could derail our snow plans.

That, or, it’ll push the snow to brush over New London county and Rhode Island.  Either way, it still could bring the first snow accumulation of the season.

But, if you want to know if the cold will stick around, better button up.  Forecasters say it’ll hang around until Christmas.

Which season is your favorite?  Hands down, I love my winter, so hearing about cold and snow warms my  jaded dead heart.

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