Just when you thought the issued died for the year, nope!  State Democrats said they plan to introduce legislation to implement electronic tolls all over the state.

Republican-American reports that Democrats say they’ll introduce legislation that’ll allow the DOT to erect tolls.  So, on top of a gas tax hike, they plan to bleed us out even more.  Nice.

Rep. Antonio Guerrera, House chairman of the Transportation Committee, says tolls will help raise $37 to $62 billion.  Well, considering where they planned to place them last time, no wonder the generated revenue looks so high.  If you need a refresher: they wanted to put them “all over the place.”

Yay for us, who also have to deal with car property taxes on top of high gas taxes and a 20 percent hike in our rail fares.

Also, Guerrera says all the money raised via tolls will go straight towards the transportation fund.  But I doubt it’ll fix anything since 50 percent of all funds are still redirected to non transportation projects.

And, who wants to bet that our lawmakers will increase spending once they tap this new source of revenue?  Show of hands, please.

Raising taxes and spending simultaneously does not a healthy economy make.

They say our roads looked the best when we still had tolls but, you know that’s a huge lie.  Remember the Mianus Bridge?  It collapsed in 1983.  But the state abolished tolls in 1988.

Also, police officers who worked the bridge prior to the bridge’s collapse recount when the state used a stop sign to cover a hole that appeared on the bridge.  They poured concrete over it and proclaimed the hole effectively patched.

So, if this happened when the state still had tolls… what’s to say the parade of mismanaged funds won’t happen again?

The grand issue plaguing our state is its spending problem.  Whenever the state introduces a new stream of revenue, exclamation points pop up over our representatives’ heads.  In turn, they furiously approve new ways to spend the cash.

Hence why our budget increases by billions a year.

And, still, despite ushering in the single largest tax hikes in state history, our state barreled even faster towards bankruptcy.

Not only that, our extra tapped-out special transportation fund faces insolvency in 2020.  Governor Malloy already announced the DOT suspended hundreds of projects until it solves its funding problem.

Once again doing the gas lighting thing that says it’s the taxpayers’ fault if they don’t cough up more money.  Our lawmakers say if we don’t accept tolls, they’ll cut necessary programs that help our most vulnerable.

You know, like threatening to drop an anvil on a helpless puppy if we don’t fork over the ransom money.  It’s basically that every time the state freaks out whenever it looks at all the red ink it created.

Really, if you haven’t caught on on how our state justifies raising taxes, you aren’t paying attention.

We need to make the tough choices now and stop taking the easy path that puts even more pressure on our finances.  Especially since Connecticut easily wins the title for being the state with the highest tax burden.  Our lawmakers need to apply the brakes and think about what they’re about to vote on.

So, here’s my proposal.  Instead of raiding funds, like the transportation and pension funds, the state needs to figure out how much money each NECESSARY program needs to continue functioning.  From there, calculate how much is left over to put aside for other necessary programs.

Tier projects based on necessity and nothing else. Not on emotional value or to grasp popularity points.

You know, instead of building three statues because we have too many statues dedicated to white men.  Because… well, I don’t have a reasoning why this had to happen when the state’s finances are in shambles.  But, I guarantee you this project could have waited another decade.

How much money does the state need to help our deaf and hard of hearing?  What about teacher pensions?  Or education in general?  I guarantee you these programs far outweigh the need to build statues.

Either way, if you keep taxing the people to death in a state with shrinking incomes and a faster-shrinking population, the problem will only become worse.  Way worse.  No one wants to stay in a state where their finances dwindle every year.

Because less people with even less money to give will only inspire further anger and dissatisfaction with each tax increase.

It’s weird that a state thinks it can spend itself out of a bankruptcy.  That’s literally the same mindset as a teenager.

However, I think Connecticut wants to be the first state to tax and spend itself to death.  As though once it self destructs, it can rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

Hate to say, but I doubt that’ll happen since this is real life and not The Adventure Zone.

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